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"Commercial management software"

The contribution to improving the performance of business processes in areas as important as sales, purchases, orders and stocks translates into an added value for organizations that integrate an increasingly competitive and dynamic market. The versatility presented by GSVC Commercial management allows organizations to implement their internal rules while respecting the rules imposed by current legislation.

With the full integration of information flows, the means that allow organizations to simplify their organizational processes that can be translated into an important competitive advantage are available.

Integrating the commercial management GSVC, the POS module provides the appropriate tool to organizations with sale at the counter, can be used in a completely independent way or in conjunction with the commercial management GSVC, working both in local networks and in Organizations with several geographically separated subsidiaries, and it is possible to centralize all information generated by subsidiaries and/or information sharing between subsidiaries.

Commercial management software that provides a wide range of functionalities tailored to your company's requirements.



Sales at the counter

Technical assistance


Current accounts