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In hes-inovação, we focus on customer needs and priorities, so we provide a Consulting service to support business customers in the analysis, planning, design and support phase of Information Systems, developing value-added solutions that contribute for the success of organizations, always taking into account the client’s strategy.
Thus, it is intended to diagnose the suitability of the solution to be implemented, with the company’s strategy and business. We know that the market is increasingly demanding and therefore it should be focused on your business, our team delivers you the “turnkey” solution.

  • Server architecture, backup and disaster recovery solutions, high availability and business continuity solutions, virtualization, storage, private, public and hybrid cloud;
  • Software licensing, operating systems, productivity solutions: unified communications, collaboration and mobility solutions;
  • Local and peripheral security and protection solutions, security and content management and access control.

The hes-inovação consulting area integrates a set of experienced and certified professionals to meet the needs and requirements of each client. These teams are made up of multidisciplinary professionals specialized in Infrastructures and Management Systems. Protection solutions and local and peripheral security, security and content management and access control.