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Desenvolvimento de software à medida



When an organization needs a specific application and / or software to automate a particular business process and does not find a suitable solution available on the market, custom software development is necessary.

For hes-innovation the development of software is fundamental in the management and optimization of all the work in an organization. Being able to go through a totally root project or the extensibility of your ERP, we are PHC and XD partners, working in this way to optimize and unify the various platforms.

We deliver value added solutions, which contribute to the success of companies, always taking into account the client’s strategy.

Our interactive process model and agile methodologies allow you to be involved in every step of the product life cycle so as to accommodate any "tuning" if necessary.

1. Meetings

We work with the client and the client in the next way, favoring communication in order to serve better at the lowest cost.

2. Definition of requirements

Being aware that certain sectors of activity need specific solutions, adaptable to their own reality, we also offer the adaptation of our solutions to the needs of your company, seeking to know the particular characteristics of your organization.

3. Analysis of the problem

We invest in the analysis of the possible solutions and in the choice of the best development alternative taking into account the methodology, documentation, deadlines, production time, available budget and teams of both companies.

4. Software development

With a team of professionals who are experienced in the use of the latest programming tools and methodologies, we have developed applications on several platforms with the objective of designing for our clients interactive solutions, robust, scalable and always suited to the objectives of your business.

5. Implementation

Implement means to put into practice, to perform, to complete, to assure, to accomplish or to complement the accomplishment of something. It is a transitive verb that in computing has the meaning of installing or putting into operation a program or computer component.

6. Validation, Testing, Availability

Last phase of the project. In this phase, all the necessary tests are performed in order to validate the software product, testing each functionality of each module, taking into account the specification made at the design stage.